Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Wall

Have you ever heard of the runner's wall? For say, when athletes or any random civilian joins a marathon and whilst running they suddenly encounter hurdles that can hinder them from completing the race; e.g muscle pain, loss of breath or they begin to second guess themselves -- regardless of the concern -- if they really can move on or not; they've then encountered "the wall".

The reason why I've been so aloof lately in terms of updating my entries is because I'm starting to lose the fire and i'm beginning to doubt myself if I really belong in this industry or not. Hence, I think i've hit the wall. I've been quite uninspired with everything: where i'm currently at, my job, my PAY and the situation of my life in general.

I feel so stuck! It appears to seem like i'm trapped on a contraption called a rocking chair; feels like i'm moving but i'm actually heading nowhere.

Have you ever wondered why we're all here and why we choose to do the things we do? You can try to scrutinize the entire universe but perhaps you still won't be able to figure it out.


I need a sign of some sort! I'm not really a believer of signs but I think at times like these, you tend to grab on to anything that would aid you towards getting back in track to your path.

Until that sign comes..

The prisoner of the wall,

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